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Diana David

Based in Hong Kong

  • Corporate Entrepreneur
  • Futurist of Work
  • Future Boards
  • Corporate Entrepreneur
  • Futurist of Work
  • Future Boards

Diana DAVID is a strategist, innovator and entrepreneur. She spent the past decade as part of the Financial Times’ senior management group, reporting to the board and in charge of developing and delivering the FT’s global strategy. She is also on the boards of, Davinci Labs, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and Teach4HK. Previously, she was the past elected Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the Society of Publishers Asia.

Diana is a member of the Women Corporate Directors and The Women’s Foundation and past recipient of Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leaders award as well as a Luce Foundation Scholar. Diana has an MBA from Columbia University and a Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma.

Diana brings over twenty years of international experience in business strategy, investment, turnarounds and talent development across the US, Europe and Asia. Early in her career, she worked on high level strategy as a management consultant and began her career as an assistant to Dr. Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates in New York.

She launched the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma in Asia. Developed with Pearson, this is the first global post-graduate course specifically focused on training independent non-executive directors in the skills necessary to make a positive impact on board effectiveness and governance.

Diana has entrepreneurial DNA with broad experience across start ups, private equity and consulting.

  • The Potential of Humans in an AI-Powered World

In an age of AI, what role does human compassion, empathy, and teamwork play? Diana shares stories of ways that people are trying to harness AI and emerging technologies to augment human potential and the potential pitfalls of AI to weaponize human behavior and amplify our worst flaws.

  • The Antifragile Organisation

Nasim Taleb calls people and companies who grow stronger from disruption “antifragile”. How do some companies spot and take advantage of trends on the horizon while others pedal furiously just to keep up? Diana shares stories about the companies that are taking advantage of the worlds’ biggest trends to harness the passion of their people and outwit and outperform their competitors.

  • The Evolution of Governance

Resource constraints, economic interconnectedness, the rise of stakeholders, data, and AI and demographics are all megatrends affecting the way boards and CEOs govern. What are the future headwinds that you need to know, how do you prioritize them and how do you take these beyond board-level strategy?




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