Become a Speaker

At SAGE Worldwide, we represent a range of leading voices on China.  If you are looking to expand your brand or deliver your message, we have a team of dedicated marketing professionals who are ready to work with you.  Our global clients look to us to find the best voices on China, and we take great pride in working with the best speakers in the industry.

Please contact to find out more about becoming a SAGE speaker today. We look forward to working with you.

Job Seekers

We at SAGE get involved in the world’s best events. From our experience working on such high-profile projects as the Beijing Olympics, to creating events for heads of state around the world and global conferences, we take great pride in ensuring that our clients’ objectives are met and their hopes exceeded. Our former clients include the presidents both of the United States and China, CEOs, and nonprofits. The range of services we offer includes from A to Z planning and covers events from one-on-one summits to big picture event consulting.

 Business Development Position

Currently we are looking to expand our global business development team. If you are interested in full-time or part-time work with our business development team, please contact for more information.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Strong communicators (orally and written)
  • Organized
  • Self-motivated and action-oriented
  • Passionate about connecting people and ideas
  • Interested in commission-driven compensation with limitless financial potential
  • We welcome candidates who need flexible working hours and locations.

Business Consultants

Job description:

  • Provide insights in the marketing operations and proposal productions.
  • Market SAGE Worldwide service out to entities through personal network
  • Conduct business development and sales

Work hours:

Flexible.  No minimum work hours.

Salary based on commission.

All primary communication will be through e-mail so please check your e-mail daily.

Internship opportunities

SAGE Worldwide is seeking highly motivated candidates who are eager to learn and grow new professional and interpersonal skills. We are looking at candidates that are ready to face and overcome new challenges on a daily basis through both personal and group work. The SAGE internship lasts a minimum of 3 months and is subject to extension. This will provide the selected candidates with a solid foundation for their future career.

What YOU will get from this internship:

  • Valuable work skills that will transfer to other jobs and industries
  • Hands on experience working in a multi-cultural office environment
  • Opportunities for networking within a global community of top thinkers
  • Teamwork and team building opportunities [this always looks great on a resume]
  • Working with a diverse group of perspectives that will help grow your communication skills
  • Chances to practice real skills in a real work environment with real outcomes
  • An everlasting new network of friends and co-workers
  • Having the opportunity to participate in various types of events

What you will be doing at SAGE:

  • Contributes to the creation and implementation of marketing strategies
  • Working on social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Conducting desk-top research and analysis about industrial trends, policy, hot button issues
  • Co-ordinate branding standards and audience awareness projects
  • Helping establish strong client and speaker opportunities
  • Translating/editing/polishing materials (mainly in English)
  • Helping to maintain and build on our speaker and client databases

What SAGE is looking for in our future interns:

  • Strong interest and a rudimentary level of understanding of hot-button policy discussions
  • Have a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, and strong sense of responsibility
  • Strong English skills in both oral presentation and document writing
  • Good research skills and analytical capabilities
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Great team player with the ability to work independently and under pressure
  • Be able to contribute at least 20hrs/week
  • Currently enrolled in university or recently graduated 

SAGE Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer.

If you are interested in joining the SAGE team, please send your resume to Kimberly at with the Email Subject: Name+School+Start date.