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Steve Okun: US presidential elections will be “fought over very narrow ground” - 21st Jan

Steve Okun from McLarty Associates discusses how U.S. President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial will affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections. On CNBC today, Speaker Steve Okun provided his analysis on why the impeachment trial won’t result in … Continued

Paul Haenle: The Importance of a Strong Relationship between the United States and China - 17th Jan

Paul Haenle addresses students of the International Leadership of Texas across 7 campuses where he talked about the importance of a strong US-China relationship.

Richard McGregor wins the PM’s Award for Best Non-Fiction Book in Australia for 2018 - 15th Feb

SAGE Exclusive Speaker Richard McGregor has been awarded the 2018 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for the best Non-Fiction book, for his book Asia’s Reckoning.

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