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Parag Khanna featured in: The Interconnectivity of Eurasia - 19th Sep

It’s a big deal that China is using infrastructure as a peaceful way of extending its influence around its periphery. We should expect to see increased port developments in Eurasia territories, which will translate to greater trade efficiency.

Derek Mitchell featured in: Two Vital Steps on Rohingya Crisis - 19th Sep

95 percent of the people of the country, her constituency, do not want to support this population. Aung San Suu Kyi has to push back against a broad, anti-Rohingya sentiment and a national security threat in their minds, if she wants to speak up for them. So she is treading a very fine line. She can do more, but she is in a very tight position.

Pallavi Aiyar: An alliance on track: on the bullet train project - 18th Sep

The battle to export bullet trains is clearly reflective of the broader rivalry between China and Japan for influence in Asia. Consequently, the India deal is not only a business coup for Japan but also a geostrategic one.

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