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Richard McGregor: Is a Stronger Japan Good for the World? - 23rd Oct

SAGE exclusive speaker Richard McGregor says Japan is changing its national security calculations, rethinking Japan’s traditional dependence on the US military.

Paul Haenle: China’s 19th party congress – what you need to know - 23rd Oct

Pyongyang’s persistent disruptions of Xi’s most important occasions in the international limelight are not deal breakers for Beijing. Xi is likely to shrug off any provocation, barring the release of significant radioactive material or a test of a nuclear missile in the Pacific. Such actions could bring chaos and therefore undermine the party’s longevity and directly challenge China’s interests – Beijing’s only true red line.

Parag Khanna: Asia is building its own world order - 23rd Oct

The more than one decade long “supercycle” in which voracious Asian consumption fueled peak commodities prices and enabled Latin America and Africa to notch sustained high growth rates is attributable to Chinese and Indian demand, not America’s open markets.

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