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Ayesha Khanna: Singapore – a hotspot for foreign entrepreneurs - 12th Dec

This data-driven innovation is not going away in the next five to 10 years. There’s a big gap that we are well-positioned to fill because of our connectivity to businesses.

Kevin Rudd: No country can solve today’s challenges alone - 12th Dec

The challenge we face today is different from what we faced yesterday. In the New Era, no country can solve these challenges alone, so new coordination and cooperation are needed. We should help each other.

Paul Haenle: US-North Korea tensions fuel fears on Chinese border - 11th Dec

China’s policy towards North Korea is primarily driven by fears of the chaos that could erupt along the border, rather than pressure from the Trump administration to help contain Mr. Kim’s nuclear development programme. The Chinese are concerned about the North Koreans for their own reasons. I see the Chinese at their wits’ end.

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