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Dara Kurtz

Based in USA

  • Author of I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love
  • Author of Crush Cancer and the Crush Cancer Workbook
  • Creator of with over 200,000 followers
  • Author of I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love
  • Author of Crush Cancer and the Crush Cancer Workbook
  • Creator of with over 200,000 followers

When Dara Kurtz was twenty-eight years old, her mother died of cancer. This loss, and the loss of her grandmothers, was so painful that for decades she was afraid to re-read their letters to her, which she kept in a ziploc bag at the bottom of a drawer. Meanwhile, she went on with her life as a wife and mother—and a cancer survivor. One day, longing for contact with the strong women who had loved and raised her, she re-read the letters. They brought back beautiful family memories and taught her many life lessons; they caused her to reflect on the priceless love between mothers and daughters and how wisdom and traditions can be passed on from one generation to the next. Dara’s story inspires us to strengthen the bonds between mothers and daughters, to remember family traditions, to let go of the pain of loss, and to make the most of each day of our lives.

after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-two, left her twenty-year career as a financial advisor to focus on writing and speaking. Today her personal blog, Crazy Perfect Life(, reaches over 200,000 followers.

Dara has been on over 35 podcast/TV/radio shows, a guest writer for over 20 large publications, and is the author of three books, I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love, Crush Cancer: Personal Enlightenment from a Cancer Survivor, and the Crush Cancer Workbook. Dara’s goal is to use her life experiences to help people strengthen their relationships and create more happiness and joy in their everyday lives. She is an inspiring speaker, motivating her audience to take action and create the life of their dreams.

Strengthen Relationships Between Generations

Have you wondered how you can connect with the older and younger members of your family? “She doesn’t get me” or “They don’t understand” are often comments Dara hears when it comes to talking about multigenerational connection. Dara reveals how to find commonalities of connection, discover family traditions, and shares tips and tools to feel more connected to our loved ones. We are each an important part of our family’s history and deserve to make sure we take the time to learn, share and connect.


The Mother-Daughter Relationship

The mother-daughter relationship isn’t always easy. Having two daughters who are almost twenty-one and eighteen, Dara understands the ups and downs, the good and challenging times, and shares it all here. It takes mutual respect, communication, a willingness to listen, gentleness, and patience. Learn how to navigate your relationship in different seasons of your life. Dara helps attendees identify ways to love more and argue less, focusing on what is truly important.


Level up Your Life

Are you living the life you truly want to be living? Dara helps participants take an honest look at the landscape of their lives, specifically identifying 5 key areas: relationships, purpose, community connection, health and wellness, and spirituality. Self-care practices and refueling rituals are shared along with daily tips and tools to help participants let go of anything that isn’t serving them well and recognize they have the power to level up their lives, regardless of where they are in their lives.


Surviving the Loss of a Love

It’s hard to love and lose, and no one understands this better than Dara. Practical techniques for letting go, both physically and emotionally, finding peace, and learning how to move forward while taking your loved one with you are shared. This is exactly what Dara needed when her mom passed away and would have helped her navigate through it with more ease and understanding.


Writing Love Letters to the People You Care About

Do you tell the people in your life how you feel or do you sometimes hold back? Dara understands the importance of intentionally telling the people in your life how you feel and what they mean to you and the benefits of the handwritten word. Dara’s four types of letters are discussed, the “Just because letter,” “Special occasion letter,” “Thank you letter,” and the “”Legacy letter.” The benefits of each, and how you can begin to incorporate the handwritten word to create meaningful letters to your loved ones.


Crush Cancer

Dara has been leading the Crush Cancer workshop for several years, incorporating material from her previous book, Crush Cancer. The focus is on helping people feel empowered after a cancer diagnosis. Dara shares the importance of creating a mantra, how to acknowledge and release the fear that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis, and tools to help participants move forward with intention, taking charge of their lives and doing everything they can to help themselves move forward after going through a cancer diagnosis.