Yukon Huang: China’s Economic Growth Now Depends on the West - 27th Mar

China’s leadership expected that economic growth in 2020 would be a celebratory event, marking a doubling of the economy’s size over the past decade. The new coronavirus, however, has obliterated those forecasts. Beijing’s draconian measures brought the epidemic under control … Continued

Yukon Huang: Who can break the US-China Impasse? - 13th Dec

SAGE Speaker Yukon Huang talks about US-China trade truce after the recent G20 meeting. He mentions that “the US-China impasse comes from much deeper differences in perceptions”.

Review of Yukon Huang’s new book: “Cracking the China Conundrum: Why Conventional Economic Wisdom Is Wrong”. - 1st Nov

Yukon Huang’s new book offers a breath of fresh air in an environment of fake news and media-driven distortions. The author offers fact-based analysis and goes to bat against all extremes, both Chinese optimists and economic pessimists, in an attempt to illustrate the true picture of China’s economic and political situation.

Yukon Huang: Xi’s power grab might drag the economy down - 16th Oct

China’s impressive economic achievements are the result of gradually relying more on market forces to shape economic outcomes – albeit with the state still setting the priorities. The question now is whether the new leadership can find the right balance between allowing the market to play the ‘decisive’ role envisaged in the Third Plenum while preserving a ‘leading’ role for the CCP.

Paul Haenle and Yukon Huang: Breaking Down the U.S. Trade Deficit with China - 15th Sep

Two of our SAGE speakers, Paul Haenle and Yukon Huang, sat down to discuss major issues in U.S.-China economic relations.

Yukon Huang: China and the US: Economic and Political Levers - 14th Aug

In the near-term, the triggering point for increased tensions might be foreign policy driven – a hardening of positions on North Korea or a maritime incident. Or it could come from the U.S. taking punitive economic measures such as barring China’s exports. Whether such events might lead to more serious conflicts or sensible minds agreeing on a path that will allow the Asia region to remain stable and prosper remains to be seen.

Paul Haenle and Yukon Huang: Debunking Myths About China’s Economy - 9th Apr

In recent years, China’s economy has grown at a slower pace, prompting many experts to speculate on its future prospects. In this podcast, Paul Haenle and Carnegie’s Yukon Huang examined and debunked certain misperceptions that inform current conventional wisdom about … Continued

Yukon Huang: Making Corruption Unsustainable in China - 27th Mar

Xi Jinping’s anticorruption campaign will only succeed if more is done to address the structural factors making corruption possible. A decade from now, President Xi Jinping’s reign might be defined more by the success of his anticorruption campaign than his … Continued

Yukon Huang: Revamping China’s Fiscal System - 21st Jan

Contrary to popular belief, banks aren’t the source of China’s major economic headaches. They’re merely the accommodators. The real culprit is the current fiscal system. Consider the debt issue first. Beijing’s fiscal policies limit local governments’ share of tax revenues … Continued

Yukon Huang: Why China’s Gigantic Cities Are Just Too Small - 24th Oct

China needs a new prescription for growth: Cram even more people into the pollution-ridden megacities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. While this may sound like a recipe for disaster, failing to expand and improve these urban areas could be … Continued

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