Alison Friedman: Five Nonprofit Leaders Share How To Keep Overhead Costs To A Minimum - 22nd Aug

Like your donors, you want as much of your nonprofit‘s funds to go directly to the cause it supports. However, you also know that there are a lot of administrative and operational costs involved in your organization, and those can add up. So how do … Continued

Ping Pong Productions’ Alison Friedman: US Artistic Ambassador to China - 19th Aug

Through her performing arts organization Ping Pong Productions, Alison Friedman aims to develop long-term cultural exchanges between the United States and China — not through commercial-driven, one-off tours, but by facilitating discussions and collaborations between two complex world powers. Even … Continued

Alison Friedman: Art from Asia…not Asian art - 17th Aug

Asia has always held an exotic allure for Westerners, intrigued with its cultural, spiritual and artistic traditions so foreign from their own. But the inscrutable can be intimidating, the unfamiliar, inaccessible. So, in giving the 2015 Ringling International Arts Festival … Continued

Alison Friedman: China’s Performing arts in the US - 17th Aug

China’s creative artsare enjoying a new springtime, and it’s busting out all over, both at home and abroad. But what will it take for it to really take root in the US, NIU YUE reports from New York. “The performing arts industry … Continued

Alison Friedman Talks Performing Arts in China - 15th Feb

Alison Friedman speaks about the state of the arts in China at the Paulson Institute’s Contemporary China Speakers Series on January 21, 2016. When Alison Friedman founded Ping Pong Productions in 2010, her goal was “to bring China and the … Continued

Chinese and overseas arts serve and return - 19th Aug

My China Dream | Alison Friedman More international audiences have seen the works of Chinese performing artists, thanks to the efforts of Ping Pong Productions. The Beijing-based art management company has been exposing young Chinese artists to oversea viewers through … Continued

Alison Friedman: New Public Intellectuals Program Fellow - 15th Oct

SAGE Worldwide would like to Congratulation one of its exclusive speakers, Alison Friedman, on becoming the newest Public Intellectuals Program Fellow in the National Committee on United States-China Relations. Friedman is Founder and Creative Director of Ping Pong Productions, whose … Continued

Alison Friedman and Ping Pong Productions: Linking China and the world through arts - 15th Aug

The office of Ping Pong Productions, a nonprofit producing and consulting organization with a unique mission of “bringing China and the world together through the performing arts”, is located in an apartment building in a quiet neighborhood in East Beijing. … Continued