John Pomfret: NPR’s Book Concierge - 8th Dec

Congratulations to SAGE speaker John Pomfret for being featured on NPR’s 2017’s Great Reads!

“The US-China relationship has a long and rich history dating to America’s earliest days. Author John Pomfret weaves a grand tale as he lays out the cooperation and the competition, the mutual fascination and the rivalry that has marked the relationship since the beginning.”

John Pomfret: Japan’s problem isn’t warmongering, but a hopeless military - 24th Nov

Over the past two decades, successive American administrations have trumpeted the success of the alliance between the United States and Japan. Trump was no different. “I don’t think we’ve ever been closer to Japan,” the president said during his trip to Tokyo. But as tensions rise in Asia, Japan is going to need to do more – both for itself and for its American friends.

John Pomfret’s “The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom” Wins 2017 CFR Arthur Ross Book Award - 17th Nov

The course of the twenty-first century will depend on how the United States and China manage their complicated relationship – and there is no better guide to the history of that relationship and scene-setter for the future than John Pomfret’s wonderful new book.

John Pomfret: The Trump presidency is causing instability in Asia - 10th Nov

Since he entered office, Trump has launched the most significant U.S. retreat from Asia since the Vietnam War. On his first full day at work, he withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade group joining 12 nations along the Pacific Rim. The United States’ exit from that agreement set the stage for China to determine the course of trade relations in Asia.

John Pomfret: On the world stage, Shinzo Abe is becoming the adult in the room - 1st Nov

For decades, successive U.S. presidents have hectored their counterparts in Japan to emerge from America’s shadow and take more responsibility for their defense, for foreign affairs and for other important issues around the world. Now, spurred by the unpredictability of the Trump administration, Abe seems to be embracing American advice.

John Pomfret: Chinese cash at American colleges is a massive problem - 25th Aug

Both private and public universities are aggressively marketing themselves to Chinese students because they want Chinese who can pay full tuition. For America’s state schools, faced with diminishing resources and budget cuts, the prospect of thousands of Chinese students paying full freight is too good to be true.

John Pomfret: Liu Xiaobo showed the world that China has a great tradition of liberal thought - 17th Jul

When the Nobel committee awarded Liu Xiaobo, who died Thursday in China, the Peace Prize in 2010, Fang Lizhi, the Chinese astrophysicist dissident, wrote from exile in America that the award “challenged the West to re-examine a dangerous notion that has become prevalent since the 1989 massacre: that economic development will inevitably lead to democracy in China.”

We are proud that two of our speakers are featured on SupChina’s summer reading list! - 15th Jul

The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the Present (by John Pomfret).
No other history of U.S.-China relations is as comprehensive, authoritative, or fascinating to read as veteran foreign correspondent John Pomfret’s book.

Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China (by Alec Ash).
This book is a superb introduction to China in the early 21st century as lived by people born in the 1980s. Ash befriended six young people from a variety of backgrounds, including a patriotic daughter of a Party official, a would-be rock star, and an internet gaming addict, and tells their stories with sympathy and humor.

John Pomfret: Trump and China: The honeymoon is over - 13th Jul

Is President Trump’s surprisingly friendly start in relations with China coming to an end? Relations with Beijing appear destined for rocky times unless China begins to modify some of its long-standing policies.