Richard McGregor wins the PM’s Award for Best Non-Fiction Book in Australia for 2018 - 15th Feb

SAGE Exclusive Speaker Richard McGregor has been awarded the 2018 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for the best Non-Fiction book, for his book Asia’s Reckoning.

Has Xi Jinping Passed His Peak? - 30th Jul

China, for all its problems, seems set on an inexorable rise to superpower status to rival the US. On multiple benchmarks – economic, technological, military and diplomatic – Beijing is making rapid advances. We are a long way, in other words, from peak China. But that begs another question which has been sweeping Beijing over the northern summer – whether we are now witnessing peak Xi Jinping. Xi plans to be in office for many years to come. To ensure he stays there, maybe he will have to share some power along the way.

North Korea Could Reap a Mini Economic Boom From the #TrumpKimSummit - 14th Jun

The lifting of American sanctions could create a mini economic boom for North Korea. China would invest massively. It has always wanted a market economy, largely out of self interest. Its border regions with North Korea are struggling and it would be looking to tap into any North Korean boom for its own benefit.

China Can Manage Trump By Following Japan’s Strategy - 12th Jun

By mirroring Japan’s tactics towards the US, China can deal with the often unpredictable tactics of President Trump. Japan’s four decade long trade negotiations starting in the 1950’s may serve as a guide.

Richard McGregor: Asia’s Reckoning: China, Japan and the Fate of US Power in the Pacific Century by Richard McGregor review: ‘Unatural intimacies’ - 13th Nov

A compelling account of the post-war relationship between China, Japan and America, brings to life one of the globe’s defining relationships – the strains, the nuances, the competing strategic and emotional strands of trilateral ties.

Richard McGregor: Is a Stronger Japan Good for the World? - 23rd Oct

SAGE exclusive speaker Richard McGregor says Japan is changing its national security calculations, rethinking Japan’s traditional dependence on the US military.

Richard McGregor: The complicated ties between China, Japan, and the U.S. since World War II - 9th Oct

Richard McGregor sits down to talk about his book “Asia’s Reckoning: China, Japan, and the Fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific Century”. McGregor is an expert on the Chinese political system, and an award-winning journalist and author.

Richard McGregor: East Asia expert on China’s ambition to usurp U.S. power in the region - 8th Sep

China has enormous economic leverage over North Korea, that is the kind of leverage that if used, could come back against them.

Richard McGregor: The Eastern Time Bomb - 5th Sep

The strength of his book is its old-fashioned journalism, in which empathy and explanation outweigh mere exposé. Indeed, “Asia’s Reckoning” has the aura of a “tour-ender,” the kind of conspectus that foreign correspondents of a generation ago and further back would put together after they had finished a multiyear stint in some far-flung place. Here are insightful, detail-rich profiles of everyone from Zhou Enlai and Henry Kissinger to Kakuei Tanaka and Jiang Zemin.

Richard McGregor: Could Trump’s blundering lead to war between China and Japan? - 18th Aug

China’s capabilities, and its confidence, are likely to outpace those of its neighbor. Japan knows that China is not going away, whereas one day, the US might. China is keen to emphasize to every nation in Asia a single truth: China’s presence is a geopolitical reality in Asia. The US presence, by contrast, is a geopolitical choice, one that China intends to make more and more costly.

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