Derek Mitchell: US calls attacks on Rohingya ‘ethnic cleansing’ - 27th Nov

If they feel the west is attacking them unfairly and they’re isolated, they will turn to those who understand and are defending them and that’s China and Russia. The US wanted to retain influence to keep reforms on track while ending egregious abuses.

Derek Mitchell featured in: Two Vital Steps on Rohingya Crisis - 19th Sep

95 percent of the people of the country, her constituency, do not want to support this population. Aung San Suu Kyi has to push back against a broad, anti-Rohingya sentiment and a national security threat in their minds, if she wants to speak up for them. So she is treading a very fine line. She can do more, but she is in a very tight position.

Derek Mitchell: Barack Obama’s Myanmar legacy in trouble and it’s not Donald Trump’s fault - 7th Sep

Most of the responsibility for the current situation lies with the previous government. The current government could have done more, but it’s not an easy issue when 90 percent of the people are pushing the other way.