Stefen Chow: The Poverty Line at United Nations ESCAP - 7th Dec

SAGE Exclusive Speaker Stefen Chow, founder of The Poverty Line, a global poverty project that has been highlighted by the World Bank and exhibited internationally, presented his project and spoke at the United Nations ESCAP, at the UN Conference Center … Continued

Stefen Chow featured in: Here’s How Much Food an iPhone Charger Is Worth - 8th Sep

Photographer Stefen Chow and economist Hui-Yi Lin compare your desires to others’ needs. The images juxtapose small purchases like phone accessories, makeup and handbags against the amount of common foodstuffs that much money could buy. It provides a compelling look at one cost of consumerism.

Stefen Chow: The Delightfulness of Playgrounds, as Seen From Above - 1st Jun

When photographer Stefen Chow was growing up in Singapore, he couldn’t sit still at school. “I was a very energetic child, and sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher was not enough for me—I had a lot of … Continued