Yukon Huang: Who can break the US-China Impasse? - 13th Dec

SAGE Speaker Yukon Huang talks about US-China trade truce after the recent G20 meeting. He mentions that “the US-China impasse comes from much deeper differences in perceptions”.

Paul Haenle: Tempering Expectations Ahead of the G20 - 4th Dec

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump tweeted that he had a “long and very good conversation” with President Xi Jinping over the phone. However Trump’s positive rhetoric contrasts sharply with the current reality of the U.S.-China relationship. In the midst of increasingly competitive and near-confrontational relations, it is important to remain clear-eyed about the difficulties that the U.S. and China face going forward.

Paul Haenle: US and China broach sensitive topic of N Korea regime collapse - 22nd Dec

In the Bush administration we tried to have those conversations and the Chinese were very reluctant to engage. They didn’t want to be perceived as doing secret planning with the United States about the collapse of the regime because they thought it would make the situation worse. But I think they’re probably more willing to have those conversations today.

Evan Medeiros: Trump starts new war against China over “Economic Aggression”. - 18th Dec

The concern about Chinese economic policy and practices is serious and real but the question is how you deal with it. Unilateral trade enforcement mechanisms are not going to do it. You need systemic tools that shape the economic environment around China in order to reshape their incentives.

Evan Medeiros: Seoul, concerned about Pyongyang’s provocation during Olympics, asks US to delay upcoming drills - 18th Dec

On the one hand, you want to work with your South Korean ally but on the other hand, this dangerously validates North Korea’s claim that the exercises are a source of tension. The next step could be to shrink the exercises or cancel them all together.

Lanhee Chen: What could the Alabama Senate race mean for the Republican Party? - 11th Dec

What you’re seeing is a fundamental split and fracture in the Republican party that we’ve known has existed for some time, but is now being played out in a very public way, and being played out in elections that really do matter and have policy consequences for the last 2 years of President Trump’s administration, at least for his first term.

Patrick Chovanec: What American Corporations Really Think About China - 8th Dec

What Jack Ma says is correct – within limits. He’s correct that you go to a country and have to play by their rules and government regulations. You have a choice as a business to gauge whether the opportunity is really worth it. Some will decide that it is and others will stay away.

Max Baucus: Flynn Fingers Trump Team - 4th Dec

Listen to the Bloomberg podcast featuring SAGE speaker Max Baucus discussing US tax overhaul and Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to federal agents.

Ben Rhodes: NGOs must be seen not as a threat, but a partner - 4th Dec

Active citizenship doesn’t just mean running for office or going into politics, it means starting organizations that promote change or solve a problem, pursuing social good with economic success. This is not politically partisan, so we aren’t looking to promote people with certain views, it is an empowerment point, so the youth have agency over their lives.

Isaac Stone Fish: Trump’s Pyongyang Moment - 1st Dec

A summit would be the best, most realistic outcome to the current tensions. It would allow the United States to assuage Pyongyang’s fear of invasion and regime change, in exchange for something meaningful in return, perhaps a freeze on missile testing. More importantly, it would increase trust between the two nations.

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