Parag Khanna – After coronavirus: Six predictions for a new world order - 15th Apr

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect describes a small change that can have massive, unpredictable consequences. An insect flaps its wings and, weeks later, causes a tornado. The coronavirus is more like an earthquake, with aftershocks that will permanently reshape … Continued

Pallavi Aiyar: An alliance on track: on the bullet train project - 18th Sep

The battle to export bullet trains is clearly reflective of the broader rivalry between China and Japan for influence in Asia. Consequently, the India deal is not only a business coup for Japan but also a geostrategic one.

Junheng Li: China’s Overextended Consumers Can’t Stop Adding Debt - 8th Aug

The reported GDP data for the first half of 2017 suggests that the three longtime engines of growth – construction, manufacturing and exports – remained key supports, buying the Chinese government time to enact structural reforms.