Parag Khanna: China’s Revival Is Good News for the Region - 1st May

Parag Khanna, managing partner at FutureMap and author of “The Future is Asian,” discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Asia and what we can expect to see as economies reopen. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg: … Continued

Ben Rhodes: NGOs must be seen not as a threat, but a partner - 4th Dec

Active citizenship doesn’t just mean running for office or going into politics, it means starting organizations that promote change or solve a problem, pursuing social good with economic success. This is not politically partisan, so we aren’t looking to promote people with certain views, it is an empowerment point, so the youth have agency over their lives.

Tony Nash: Most citizens support military rule in the world’s largest democracy - 21st Nov

Given India’s high levels of corruption, there’s a perception that recent tough measures such as demonetization have made sense, so the public now wants a stronger hand on hot-button issues such as economic inequality as well as law and order.

Pallavi Aiyar: An alliance on track: on the bullet train project - 18th Sep

The battle to export bullet trains is clearly reflective of the broader rivalry between China and Japan for influence in Asia. Consequently, the India deal is not only a business coup for Japan but also a geostrategic one.

Richard McGregor: Modi and Moon chart Trump’s policy muddle - 13th Jul

Moon felt the full force of Trump’s defining “America First” ideology during his visit. At a Rose Garden ceremony which normally operates as a polite, face-saving ritual for visiting leaders, Moon was forced to endure sharp criticism from Trump over South Korea’s trade barriers and alleged backsliding on support for U.S. troops stationed in the country.