Duncan Clark featured in: China harnesses big data to buttress the power of the state - 1st Nov

The promise of new data-driven technology and the embrace of data technology by consumers as well as companies and the government is giving China’s economy a whole new dynamism.

David Schlesinger: Apple has to face question of its ‘red line’ in China - 18th Aug

Where you draw the line is important. It is also important to be able to explain your decision logically, ethically, morally and economically. For Apple, withdrawing virtual private networking apps at Beijing’s demand from its Chinese iTunes App Store was clearly not over its red line and was explainable in legalistic terms.

Parag Khanna: Asia is building its own world order - 14th Aug

Leadership today is about who provides the infrastructure financing, technical assistance, construction equipment and other essential underpinnings of the modernization most of the world still needs to achieve.

Duncan Clark featured in: Can Jack Ma, Asia’s richest man, create 1m jobs in the US? - 4th Aug

As a merchant, it’s about knowing your customer, and Trump doesn’t care about anything that’s not huge. He figured a million is a good number to get Trump’s attention.

Jane Horan: Lost in Translation an Issue for Asian Leaders Too - 11th Jul

A rich diversity of talent, Asian Women Leaders The Asia Pacific, with half the world’s population, a growing middle class and a young educated workforce, presents tremendous opportunity. Fifty percent of this demographic is women and more highly educated Asian … Continued

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