Mark Greeven: Understanding China’s Next Wave of Innovation - 15th Feb

Speaker Mark Greeven talks about the future of Innovation in China and how many new companies are disrupting numerous industries.

How To Avoid World War III in Asia - 6th Jul

World War II still hasn’t ended, yet World War III already looms. The recent discovery of large oil and gas reserves under the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands islands has heated up the situation dramatically, with military budgets surging, and warships, coast guards and fighter jets scrambling to assert control over the commons. Meanwhile, tensions on the Korean Peninsula have drastically escalated into the world’s most dangerous flashpoint over the past seven decades precisely because the Korean War itself was never formally ended in 1953. A multipolar world can be an unstable landscape of security dilemmas and proxy competitions à la Europe before World War I, or it can be a stable balance of power in which sufficient distance among poles and respect for their spheres of influence generates a dynamic equilibrium. If we want this kind of lasting global stability, we must permit technocrats to make the peace first.

Brent Gleeson: Want To Crush Your Goals Next Year? Here Are 12 Questions To Ask Your Boss In 2018 - 22nd Dec

The best people I have managed are the most proactive when it comes to taking ownership and accountability over their development. They show a deep emotional connection to the company and to their work. They don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. They are team players and take on roles and responsibilities outside of their job description – when it’s appropriate and as long as those activities don’t distract them from the goals they have set with their manager. And most importantly, they are brave and manage up!

Patrick Chovanec: What American Corporations Really Think About China - 8th Dec

What Jack Ma says is correct – within limits. He’s correct that you go to a country and have to play by their rules and government regulations. You have a choice as a business to gauge whether the opportunity is really worth it. Some will decide that it is and others will stay away.

Brent Gleeson: How Leaders Inspire Change In The 21st Century - 1st Dec

The workplace has become more digital, more diverse and more reliant on advanced technology, yet most organizations and their leaders have yet to understand how to leverage these new opportunities for increased efficiency and agility.

Duncan Clark: Alibaba’s rise creates 10 billionaires not named Jack Ma - 27th Nov

Both Amazon and Alibaba are transforming commerce and media, retail and beyond, but Jack Ma has a more instinctive feel for business driven by his experience on the street as a merchant. Jeff Bezos went to Princeton, worked on Wall Street, identified books as a sector based on detailed analysis. Jack Ma is more driven by gut feel, not analytics.

Patrick Chovanec: China Clampdown Signals ‘New Era’ for $15 Trillion in Funds - 24th Nov

The private wealth products are now thoroughly embedded in the heart of China’s financial system and play a key role in rolling over non-performing debt. Investors believe they will be paid regardless of whether the investment performs or not. If investors can lose their money, they will stop funding these sorts of assets. Is China willing to accept what that means?

Patrick Chovanec: November 2017 U.S. Economic and Market Review - 21st Nov

House Republicans have finally introduced their long-awaited tax bill, kicking the legislative process into high gear. Several of the bill’s provisions – cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, allowing immediate write-offs of capital investments – could boost after-tax corporate earnings in future years. But the complex package faced mixed reviews, even from generally supportive business groups.

Duncan Clark: An inside look at how China’s internet giant Alibaba has taken on the world - 10th Nov

China is an unpredictable, bumpy ride. What big internet firms such as Alibaba offer investors is the promise that their management teams can negotiate the conditions, serve as a shock absorber. It’s not going to be smooth, there are risks, but the excitement around what these guys represent, gatekeepers to this massive market – 300-plus-million people today, 500 million middle class in the future.

Duncan Clark: Will China’s clampdown on internet shopping fraud work? - 10th Nov

Listen in as Clark talks about the upcoming Singles Day; the annual internet sales promotion held once a year in China.

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