Paul Haenle: The Importance of a Strong Relationship between the United States and China - 17th Jan

Paul Haenle addresses students of the International Leadership of Texas across 7 campuses where he talked about the importance of a strong US-China relationship.

Richard McGregor wins the PM’s Award for Best Non-Fiction Book in Australia for 2018 - 15th Feb

SAGE Exclusive Speaker Richard McGregor has been awarded the 2018 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for the best Non-Fiction book, for his book Asia’s Reckoning.

Yukon Huang: Who can break the US-China Impasse? - 13th Dec

SAGE Speaker Yukon Huang talks about US-China trade truce after the recent G20 meeting. He mentions that “the US-China impasse comes from much deeper differences in perceptions”.

Evan Medeiros: Trump starts new war against China over “Economic Aggression”. - 18th Dec

The concern about Chinese economic policy and practices is serious and real but the question is how you deal with it. Unilateral trade enforcement mechanisms are not going to do it. You need systemic tools that shape the economic environment around China in order to reshape their incentives.

Kevin Rudd: No country can solve today’s challenges alone - 12th Dec

The challenge we face today is different from what we faced yesterday. In the New Era, no country can solve these challenges alone, so new coordination and cooperation are needed. We should help each other.

Max Baucus: ‘Worker bee’ round of NAFTA talks to focus on easier chapters - 11th Dec

The intersessional could be a chance to turn the temperature down. This should be a round for the worker bees, with less rhetoric and more concrete negotiations.

Patrick Chovanec: What American Corporations Really Think About China - 8th Dec

What Jack Ma says is correct – within limits. He’s correct that you go to a country and have to play by their rules and government regulations. You have a choice as a business to gauge whether the opportunity is really worth it. Some will decide that it is and others will stay away.

Parag Khanna: Think Global Production and Supply Chains Are Shrinking? Think Again. - 27th Nov

Supply chain complexity – rendered manageable with the help of technology – will become the new differentiator. There are more incentives and more drivers pushing for the expansion of global trade and supply chains in the years ahead and fewer arguments for containing or shrinking them.

Xie Tao: Chinese Foreign Policy With Xi Jinping Characteristics - 24th Nov

Imports, investments, loans, and aid from China can make recipient countries more economically dependent on the Middle Kingdom, but such dependency often produces political resentment instead of strategic trust. If Beijing cannot break the curse of hot economics, cold politics – that is, close economic ties but difficult political relations – it may end up being a lonely great power.

Paul Haenle: Trump praises ‘productive’ China talks, but tough action seen ahead - 17th Nov

China may be mistaken in thinking it had done enough to address U.S. concerns, and Trump could find people disappointed at home he didn’t make more progress on items like market access and North Korea.

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