Patrick Chovanec: China’s Runaway Train Is Running Out of Track - 19th Jan

A financial drama is unfolding in China as the new year begins. Last week, for the second time in six months, interest rates in the critical interbank lending market spiked above 10 percent, prompting fears of a liquidity crisis that would trigger mass defaults … Continued

Paul Haenle spoke on the 7th Annual China Town Hall at AmCham Beijing - 23rd Dec

(Paul Haenle, Director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing, speaks at the American Chamber of Commerce on the Sino-American relationship on Oct 29, 2013. His comments came in response to an address by Secretary Madeleine Albright.) The … Continued

Parag Khanna: The End of the Nation-State? - 11th Dec

SINGAPORE — EVERY five years, the United States National Intelligence Council, which advises the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, publishes a report forecasting the long-term implications of global trends. Earlier this year it released its latest report, “Alternative Worlds,” … Continued

Yukon Huang: Will China’s New Leaders Bring New Bold Reforms? - 21st Nov

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Yukon Huang, Senior Associate at Washington D.C.-based Carnegie Endowment and former World Bank China Director, shares with our host, Nina Xiang, his observations on China’s next leadership, the possibilities of any bold reforms … Continued

Yukon Huang: In the Balance: China’s Economic Conundrum - 21st Nov

Apprehensions about China’s unbalanced growth process concern everybody, but its causes are oftenmisunderstood. What can the Chinese leadership do to rebalance investment and consumption?  No country generates such heated views about its economy as China. Optimists see a rapidly emerging power … Continued

Yukon Huang: China Will Become a More Normal Economy - 21st Nov

Speaker in the Spotlight: Yukon Huang published his article China Will Become a More Normal Economy on The Financial Time’s A-List. Read more at: China Will Become a More Normal Economy  

Yukon Huang: Fixing China’s Harmful Inequality - 21st Nov

Speaker in the Spotlight: Yukon Huang published his article Fixing China’s Harmful Inequality on The Wall Street Journal on February 21, 2013. China’s recently announced plan to deal with rising inequalities, or “reform income distribution,” was years in the making. The difficulty … Continued

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