Parag Khanna: How strategic is Sri Lanka? - 11th Apr

Editor’s note: Parag Khanna is a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and author of The Second World (2008), How to Run the World (2011), and Hybrid Reality (2012). The views expressed in this commentary are solely his. (CNN) — Five hundred … Continued

Alice Giusto: 健康饮食从家里厨房开始 Eating Healthy at Home - 10th Apr

Alice Giusto,营养师。意大利威尼斯人,9年前患皮肤癌,康复后开始关注营养学,完全改变了饮食习惯。在纽约综合营养学校(Institute for Integrative Nutrition) 学习了营养学,健康指导和预防保健理论,完成了专业健康教练的培训。现居北京,是专业的综合营养师(Integrative Nutrition Consultant),健康教练(Health Coach),和阿姨健康烹调培训师。今年9月将在北京大学传播学院攻读博士学位,研究食品安全传播(Food Risk Communication)。

Ian Johnson: Solving China’s Schools: An Interview with Jiang Xueqin - 10th Apr

In December, China stunned the world when the most widely used international education assessment revealed that Shanghai’s schools now outperform those of any other country—not only in math and science but also in reading. Some education experts have attributed these results to … Continued

David Schlesinger: The Bloomberg Fallout: Where Does Journalism in China Go from Here? - 8th Apr

David Schlesinger was part of a rollicking discussion at The Bloomberg Fallout: Where Does Journalism in China Go from Here? His piece is below: The Chairman “rethinks,” a journalist departs with a bang, and Bloomberg, which had led the way … Continued

LI Cheng: All the president’s men, and the plans for China’s reform - 4th Apr

President Xi Jinping is often called the most powerful Chinese leader since iconic reformer Deng Xiaoping. But most people outside Beijing’s inner circle have no way of knowing just how much power Xi and his team wield, and how their … Continued

Parag Khanna: Gabbing With Globalization Geek - 21st Mar

Why you should care Because it’s only a question of the shape and the fate of the world, after all. Parag Khanna has some trouble telling you what he does, so when we asked, we felt a little bad for … Continued

Yao Ming: Yao Ming Turns His Talents to Social Causes - 16th Mar

We are proud to announce that SAGE Worldwide recently organized a Yao Ming fireside chat at UBS’ 13th annual Greater China Conference! Check out his interview here: China’s retired NBA star Yao Ming has turned his talents to social causes. … Continued

Elizabeth Haenle: Double happiness - 14th Mar

Wedding planner says the joy in her work is universal. Elizabeth Haenle’s last job was social secretary for former US vice-president Dick Cheney. She worked at the White House for eight years. So when she moved to Beijing with her … Continued

Patrick Chovanec: Did equities over-reacted to Ukraine? - 11th Mar

Markets have over-reacted to ongoing tensions in Ukraine, says Patrick Chovanec, Chief Strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management, adding that geopolitical significance, rather than economic, is what matters. Chovanec talked on market reaction to the Ukraine crisis.  This took place before … Continued

Vijay Vaitheeswaran: Doing it their way - 11th Mar

The market is growing furiously, but getting tougher for foreign firms. In the the heart of old Shanghai is a magnificent villa that serves as the workplace of Guo Jingming, a provocative young film-maker. “Tiny Times”, his recent blockbuster, follows … Continued

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