Asian Leaders Differ Sharply On Hopes for Trump-Kim Summit - 12th Jun

The Chinese . . . worry that there is a lot that Trump could do to change the status quo in North Korea which wouldn’t really be in their interests. I think they fear Trump could broker something, and they fear that North Korea really wants a good relationship with the US.

China Can Manage Trump By Following Japan’s Strategy - 12th Jun

By mirroring Japan’s tactics towards the US, China can deal with the often unpredictable tactics of President Trump. Japan’s four decade long trade negotiations starting in the 1950’s may serve as a guide.

Enoch Li: The Importance of Mental Health - 7th Jun

The tragic, unfortunate death of icon Kate Spade highlights a need for an increased focus on mental health in our lives. We all need to be more mindful of our mental and spiritual well-being to avoid future tragedies.

Paul Haenle: US and China broach sensitive topic of N Korea regime collapse - 22nd Dec

In the Bush administration we tried to have those conversations and the Chinese were very reluctant to engage. They didn’t want to be perceived as doing secret planning with the United States about the collapse of the regime because they thought it would make the situation worse. But I think they’re probably more willing to have those conversations today.

Brent Gleeson: Want To Crush Your Goals Next Year? Here Are 12 Questions To Ask Your Boss In 2018 - 22nd Dec

The best people I have managed are the most proactive when it comes to taking ownership and accountability over their development. They show a deep emotional connection to the company and to their work. They don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. They are team players and take on roles and responsibilities outside of their job description – when it’s appropriate and as long as those activities don’t distract them from the goals they have set with their manager. And most importantly, they are brave and manage up!

Paul Haenle: The North Korean Nuclear Threat: The View From Beijing - 22nd Dec

While the United States and China agree on the ultimate objective of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, persistent mistrust and differing priorities prevent the two countries from making significant progress. North Korean actions that undermine Chinese interests, rather than U.S. pressure, will have a greater impact in fundamentally shifting Beijing’s policy toward Pyongyang.

Evan Medeiros: Trump starts new war against China over “Economic Aggression”. - 18th Dec

The concern about Chinese economic policy and practices is serious and real but the question is how you deal with it. Unilateral trade enforcement mechanisms are not going to do it. You need systemic tools that shape the economic environment around China in order to reshape their incentives.

Lanhee Chen: How will the tax bill impact health care? 5 experts weigh in - 18th Dec

Much of the impact may be blunted if legislation is passed to stabilize markets by authorizing the payment of cost-sharing reductions and funding state reinsurance arrangements.

Evan Medeiros: Seoul, concerned about Pyongyang’s provocation during Olympics, asks US to delay upcoming drills - 18th Dec

On the one hand, you want to work with your South Korean ally but on the other hand, this dangerously validates North Korea’s claim that the exercises are a source of tension. The next step could be to shrink the exercises or cancel them all together.

Karim Sadjadpour: Cold War Lessons For Iran Strategy - 18th Dec

While the future of Iran and US-Iran relations is unpredictable, it must be similarly emphasized that there are no quick solutions. History has shown that Iran relents when it faces international unity and is divided domestically.

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