Medeiros: Trump Administration Approach to China Not Sustainable - 31st Mar

Bloomberg Briefs Q: How do you see the U.S.-China relationship evolving? A: I am expecting a rise in U.S.-China tensions and volatility later this year. The Trump administration appears to be deeply divided about how to approach China, with both … Continued

Lit Fest 2017: Duncan Clark on Jack Ma’s Journey - 21st Mar

As China’s second richest man, Jack Ma is the global face for the country’s innovative tech entrepreneurs. While he recently met with US President Donald Trump to discuss ways to create more than a million jobs in America, Ma’s mighty … Continued

Donald Trump’s Approach To China - 21st Mar

Kevin Rudd, Asia Society Policy Institute, discusses Donald Trump’s series of tweets slamming China about its currency and military policy.

Senator Max Baucus: If President Trump Wants A Tax Plan He’s Got To ‘Own It’ - 21st Mar

It comes down to working together, says former Sen. Max Baucus, (D-Mont.), talking about the difficulty in getting a tax plan passed through Congress. Also Baucus explains why he doesn’t think health care reform will get very far because it’s … Continued

GOP Health Care Plan Will Hurt A Lot Of People - 21st Mar

The Republican’s plan was too rushed, says former U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, sharing his thoughts on the American Health Care Act.

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