Parag Khanna: Yes, we’ve got Trump, Putin, and North Korea, but is the world really more volatile than ever? - 20th Jun

Rarely does history give us such a compelling juxtaposition—both in time and in character—as what happened one hundred years ago this Spring.

Ben Rhodes: Obama’s former deputy national security adviser calls Trump’s Cuba changes ‘a waste of time’ - 19th Jun

The architect of President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy says President Donald Trump’s proposed changes are likely largely toothless and “a waste of time.”

Ben Rhodes: Trump’s Cuba Policy Will Fail - 19th Jun

The architect of Obama’s Cuba opening argues that the president’s rollback is a pointless mistake.

Karim Sadjadpour: Iranian Military Blames Saudi Arabia For Tehran Terror Attack - 13th Jun

“Whether you’re a secular Iranian living in Los Angeles or an Iranian religious cleric living in Qom, Persian nationalism is very opposed to Saudi Arabia. But I don’t think it’s plausible that Saudi Arabia was behind this attack”.

Max Baucus Weighs in on Comey’s Trump Testimony - 13th Jun

Former Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus weighs in on former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony about his interactions with the president. Baucus speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

Parag Khanna: How to Fix America and Stop Screwing Up the World - 13th Jun

SAGE speaker Parag Khanna featured on SXSW discussing current US challenges, democracy, and how technocracy could change the government for the better.

Kevin Rudd: Trump Climate Decision - 12th Jun

Given US decision on climate, US state and city governments and corporations must now fill the gap. State governments with powers of regulation can do much. City governments in terms of public transport energy sources can do much. But the real kicker here lies with what shareholders and institutional investors now do with major American corporations enforcing sustained change in energy purchasing policies.

North Korea’s Missile Launch: Charlie Rose - 1st Jun

On “Charlie Rose,” a conversation about North Korea’s missile launch and the ongoing global cyber-attack. We are joined by Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor for President Obama.

Kevin Rudd on latest North Korea missile test - 1st Jun

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks about the international impact of North Korea’s latest transgression

Kevin Rudd: B&R Initiative can reform existing int’l order - 26th May

Kevin Rudd: B&R Initiative can reform existing int’l order

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